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Head/Shipping Mod

Arson is a Mod of many talents and specializes in chaos and magic.

Zine Experience:
Head Mod for Rhythm Round-Up, Co-Head Mod for Hues of Green: Bolin Centric Artbook, Head Mod for CamStar Heros, Co-Head Mod for Splitscreen


Formatting Mod

Ready to put this scaled creation together Kit has come to light a fire under our team!

Zine Experience:
Graphic/Art Mod for Taking Dynamight, Graphic/Formatting Mod for Ace of Spades

Adonis / Doni

Backup Formatting Mod

I'm an exhausted product/graphic designer by day and an exhausted artist by night! I cannot confirm or deny that I'd seduce a dragon but I do play bards in D&D.
If I could be a dragon that'd be sexy.

Zine Experience:
Money Talks: Formatting Mod
Guardian Zine: Formatting / Art Mod
Stern Bild Style: Formatting Mod
Tie Me Up: Graphics Mod
Nova Pulse: Formatting Mod


Art/Merch Mod

Atlass loves Iida too much and is addicted to Earl Grey tea

Zine Experience:
Intern Art Mod • Dimensions: Naruto AU Artbook (2021)
Art Mod • The Dawn of Spring: A MXTX Spring Zine (21-22)
Graphics/Layout Mod • Citrus: AllYuuji Zine (21-22)
• IidaTenBros: The Iida Zine (2022)



Writing Demon from across the sea.

Zine Experience:
- Writing & Beta Mod -
Nova Pulse (22-23) • Tie Me Up (22-23)
Gilded • Nuts, Bolts, and Quirks
TSUKUYOMI: Tokoyami Zine (22-23)
-Beta Mod-
Cam Star Heroes (21-22)
My Hero Halloween: Dragon SMASH! (2022)


Writing/Beta Mod

Dragon enthusiast, kinky bastard, gay AF

Zine Experience:
Call of the Wild - Spectator Mod
Alive+ - Organization Mod
Treasured and Tarnished - Organization Mod
Creep: A Deku Zine - Writing/Organization Mod
Co-Mod of DarkWish Guild: a BNHA Profiction Event HubBNHA Fantasy Bang 2022 - Head Mod
Barbarian Bakugou Bang - Head Mod
Villain Deku Bang - Head Mod


Social Media Mod

A gremlin that likes to scream at anything they enjoy and eat trash while watching true crimes videos and reading soft krbk fics till he cry

Zine Experience:
Red Velvet - A KrBk Zine: Head Mod & Finance
PLUS ULTRA Retro : Head Mod
MHA Mindful Zine : Art Mod
Fem KrBk : General Mod
Preggyshima Bang : Head Mod


Mod Applications • 2/1 - 2/28
Artist Applications • 2/15 - 4/10
Writer Applications • 3/13 - 4/10
Contributor Emails • 4/15 - 4/20
-------Artist Pitches Due • 4/25
Artist Sketch Check-in • 5/10
Pairing Selection Begins • 5/12
Pairings Selected • 5/15
Check-in #1 • 5/30
Check-in #2 • 6/25
Check-in #3 • 7/11
July 24, 2022
October 31, 2022


Do I have to be 18+ to participate?

Yes. This is heavily a NSFW project, therefore all moderators and contributors must be 18 years of age by Febuary 1, 2022, to participate.

What is this project?

My Hero Halloween is a yearly event that started in 2020 as a way to give a little Halloween spirit back to the My Hero Community! This year it was decided to take it one step further and make a physical Art Book to go with our theme! This year our theme is DRAGONS! Our idea is to do a color hue scheme and have each artist pick one colour off the provided wheel to use as their main pallet.

For more information about the Colour Spectrum selections please see the following.

Is this even for Profit or Charity?

We are a for-profit event that will consist of a physical artbook, a digital anthology, and physical merch! We know our contributors will work hard and we wish to compensate them for this in some small way!

Why are there two different applications dates for witers and artists?

Since writers will be picking an art piece to write a story about we decided to stagger the applications (and acceptance) dates to allow our artists time to get their pitches approved and have their sketches ready for the writers when they join. We want to ensure that everyone has optimal time to complete their work!

How many contributors will you be accepting?

Right now allocating spots for the following totals (including guests), but the numbers are subject to change pending application outcome.
Writers: 12-15
Artist: 30-35
Merch Artists: 4

What content will be allowed?

*All content, with the exception of ‘problematic’ content will be allowed in the physical copy, as long as it pertains to Dragons in some way.Problematic content will be allowed in the digital version but all Artist MUST contribute one piece to the physical book first.

What content is considered 'Problematic' ?

  • Non-Con

  • Somnophilia

  • Incest

  • Drug Use

  • Omorashi

What content will NOT be allowed?

  • Gore

  • Vore

  • Scat

  • Emeto

  • Loli/Shota

  • Necrophilia

  • Snuff

  • Underaged

Contributor Guidelines

All applicants must be 18 years of age by January 1st, 2022. In addition, accepted applicants must own or have access to a Paypal account in order to receive contributor compensation (if we meet our sales goals).Applicants must ensure that the submitted links are accessible to the moderators [tip: go incognito mode in your browser to test if the link is publicly accessible]. The moderators will not be responsible for contacting applicants regarding broken/inaccessible links.All submissions must be the applicants’ own work. For writers please list any and all relevant tags/trigger warnings at the top of your document samples. Previous zine experience is not required; contributors will be chosen based on skill and how well their submitted pieces fit the theme of the zine.

Artist Guidelines

Samples are specific works chosen by the applicant that best exemplify their skills! These works must be completed and submitted individually. Please submit three(3) of your best pieces as your samples! Feel free to link a portfolio (google drive folder link) it is not required but it is heavily encouraged.

Required Content:

  • Three(3) total pieces of what you consider your best work, with at least one(1) NSFW piece if you are applying for the NSFW portion.

  • All submitted pieces must be completed artwork with a minimum of flat coloring, and at least one must include a background.

  • MERCH ARTISTS must include one merch sample.

  • Traditional samples are welcome and should be scanned or photographed so the images are clear.

  • It is encouraged to include samples featuring BnHA characters, although this is not required. Trust us when we say give us your BEST no matter the characters.

  • Artists’ pieces will be assessed based on a variety of factors (including anatomy, composition, perspective, lighting, shading, posing, and background if applicable) as well as how well the artist’s style will work with our chosen theme.

  • You must submit at least two pitches with a third being optional. This is to ensure diversity and that no one has the same content in the Zine.

Writer Guidelines

Samples are specific works chosen by the applicant that best exemplify their skills! These works must be completed and submitted individually. Please submit what you feel is your best work! Feel free to link a portfolio (google drive folder link or ao3) but know, it is not required.

Required Content:

  • Writers must submit two(2) pieces of their choice. These are the pieces that will be assessed by the moderators so please choose pieces that best represent your style. (At least one sample MUST be NSFW will ALL triggers/tags/pairings listed at top of the document.)

  • TOTAL Word Count for both pieces must be no less than 3k but no more than 5k. We will allot 200 words either way but no more than that.

  • While it’s not required, it is encouraged to include samples featuring BnHA characters to allow the mods to assess your characterization abilities.

  • For your third piece, you MUST write a piece inspired but one of the selections supplied (see below) by the mod team. The total word count for your final piece must be no less than 750 words and no more than 1500 words.

  • Writers' pieces will be assessed based on a variety of factors including grammar, pacing, syntax, sentence structure, characterization, use of detail, and the ability to tell a story within a defined word count.

  • No pitch will be required as you will be picking an art piece to write an accompaniment to.

The following pieces are your provided inspirational samples.

Inspired by Huevember, this project's goal is to have minimum one of each colour that is on the above wheel. If you feel like this would be too constricting never fear! You can use all colors you want in your drawing as long as the hue of your choice stays the main visible color of the image!Upon entry to the discord, each artist will supply their top three(3) colour choices along with their art pitches in the form provided. We will do everything as fairly as possible and strive to get everyone their preferred hues.

Contributors Applications

(Images are redirecting toward the applications forms)

Writers Applications

Artists Applications